Are you ever worried about your property whilst you are away from home, at work, on holiday or just out for a coffee? A modern and fairly discreet home CCTV system with remote access could be just the answer. View you property whilst at home or out and about via a remote computer or more simply via a smart phone (internet connection required).

A CCTV system can not only give you peace of mind that your property is being watched and recorded but is also an excellent visual deterrent for opportunist thieves and burglars who would notice the presence of cameras watching their every move and think twice about violating your property. 

A typical home CCTV system could consist of a DVR unit (digital video recorder) and between 1 and eight cameras trained on the vulnerable and most significant areas of your property. Modern DVR units record images on demand where clever software motion triggers activate the recording to a HDD (hard disk drive) and automatically overwrite the oldest previous events. This economical recoding method means you can rest assured that your CCTV system is recording the important activity and not simply hours and hours of nothing making it much simpler to view recorded events to pin down and view a particular incident should it happen. 

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